Thursday, February 18, 2016

War Boys, Rage and Baby Huey…The Rise and (Hopefully) Fall of Donald Trump

Illustration by Josue Paiz
Gnarly truth, dig it or don’t: The Don’s candidacy is real.
Ain’t no denying this now (Fuck you very much, Iowa and New Hampshire). It’s a goddamn reckoning. Vacant, masturbatory prattle turned faux-gold to a vast contingent of xenophobes with twisted sideshow fetishes. Dude’s campaign seems to rumble’s unfettered across America’s anemic political wasteland like a marauding army of War Boys, begging slavishly to be witnessed.
“If responsible men irresponsibly ignore an issue…it will be taken up by the reckless,” proclaimed a recent editorial entitled “Against Trump” (2016) published in the February 15th issue of National Review. Well, shit—that sounds like the crucial trimmings to grandpappy’s age ol’ recipe for revolution.
Mercy, mercy, my! How did we come to this?
*              *              *
Ponder the Don for a sec.
Specifically, chew on his bravado. Dude’s an unapologetic primate—all barefaced harangue and dominant male posturing—chucking steamers at anyone who attempts to peacock before his radical tribe. He ain’t having it, the Don. And he ain’t sorry about a damn thing. ‘“Ballsy” is a common phrase used to describe him” (Lowndes, 2015). Unrepentant shamelessness is his greatest asset. Dude knows it too.
Apologies are for pussies.
“Trump knows his target voters... (are) not defined so much by party as by attitude and frustration level” (Calkins, 2016). Expounding on that notion even further, Trump embodies “an Us vs. Them distinction, anti-establishment plain-spokenness, deep resentment toward perceived outsiders, and perhaps most of all, rage” (Lowndes, 2015).  
If a mighty slice of this country is truly craving the hefty bloviating of an impenitent and verbose mirage, choosing to embrace an illusion of toughness in hopes that that illusion will, against all odds, manifest itself into an even serviceable agent for their cockamamie notions of democracy,  they’re in sorry shape. They’re gambling on smoke and mirrors—parlor tricks.
Similar things were uttered about Obama in aught-eight. And it’s hard to argue with them now.
We doubled-down on hope and lost.
Now we’re gambling on playground tactics and rage?
*              *              *
                The Orgs* love this shit.
                Looooove IT!
Trump’s campaign is a finely threaded network exec’s wettest wet-dream fully realized in the flesh—he’s Kelly LeBrock to their Anthony Michael Hall. To the sensible among us, however, he is the Orgs’ very own ego-bloated Baby Huey come home to roost.
Either way, as a viable campaign commodity, Trump is the sole benefactor of the overwrought self-aggrandizing that it the 24-hour news cycle.  His message is fashioned entirely from the very foment the Orgs have spent years whipping into a frothy zeal.  The Don is simply exploiting the ever-simmering cauldron of fear and paranoia the Orgs have been slaving over since the Towers fell; appealing to a generation of registered voters brain-damaged by the incessant barrage of mosque bombings and beheadings.
This shit isn’t news anymore, its vacuous porn. And it’s irresponsible coverage.
But it’s also too late. The Don’s now dug a foothold which appears immovable. Don’t swallow the anti-Trump posturing of the Orgs, either. It’s simply another swindle. They don’t want him out of the race; Trump is ratings gold, even if he is a Golden Calf.  
*              *              *
 Trump’s bully tactics hold clout, but his posturing is all a construct, an artifice. All bullies are, in a sense, fictions—false personas—burying deep personal feelings of inadequacy, weakness and fear. Being unapologetic doesn’t make you unafraid, it makes you unreasonable.
And being unreasonable?
Well, that makes you dangerous—especially from a position of unparalleled power.
If we are on the brink of a radical revolution, it’s a revolution whose poster child bears all the pugnacious charisma of Biff Tannen.
We’re waiting on you, George McFly.
Where ever you are.   

*Orgs—Short for news organizations. For example—CNN, FOX, MSNBC, etc.

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